2021 Absentee Ballot Instructions

Step 1: Request an Application for an Absentee Ballot

This can be done in person at the Town Clerk’s office. Or you can download an application from the Secretary of the State’s website or by clicking here. .

Step 2: Fill out your ballot application

Do not delay! Be sure to check the COVID-19 box (pictured below) when filling out the application. This is the vital change made to the statutory language: now, anyone who fears catching or spreading Covid is allowed to vote for that reason.

Mail your application to the Town Clerk’s Office (127 Norwich Ave Suite 101) as soon as it is completed. 

Voters should be aware that the absentee ballots themselves cannot be distributed prior to October 1st, by Connecticut law. The small amount of time between October 1st and November 2nd makes it imperative that voters return their applications and their ballots as soon as possible. 

Step 3: Fill Out Your Ballot

Remember you will be voting for:

1. First Selectman

2. Board of Selectmen

3. Treasurer

4. Board of Finance (2 Year Term)

5. Board of Finance (6 Year Term)

6. Board of Education

7. Board of Assessment Appeals

Step 4: Return your Ballot

Once you have filled out your Absentee Ballot, you have three options.

1. You may mail it back to your Town Clerk. Given the anticipated postal service slowdown, please do not delay.  

2. You may drop it off (physically) at the secure Absentee Ballot drop box installed outside of your town hall.

3. If you have received an Absentee Ballot, but change your mind and choose instead to vote in person on Election Day, you can still do so. Simply rip up your Absentee Ballot. (As a precaution, bring the ripped ballot with you to the polls so it is clear to the poll volunteers you have not already voted.)